Top 5 Worst Ways To Lose Weight


Starve yourself

This one should be blatantly obvious to most of the readers at this stage.  We all know that you can lose weight by literally eating nothing.  However, the effect it has on your health and metabolic system can be drastic.  I am a big advocate of intermittent (or controlled) fasting but completely starving yourself is a big no no.

Perform too much cardio and not enough weights

In my opinion, from a fat loss point of view, the benefits of weight training far out-weigh those of steady state cardio.  If performed correctly, weight training can place a much larger demand on your body thereby creating a state of change which usually leads to fat loss.


Pick short-term goals

I have spoken about this before on a few occasions.  In my opinion and from my experience in working with numerous clients, focusing on a short-term goal like getting in shape for your wedding or holidays etc… tends to work out fine initially, however once the event is over, the person is usually left scratching their head because they cannot seem to achieve the same results that they did initially.  The reason – the initial motivation is no longer there.  As I mentioned in last month’s blog – the key is to make working out and eating healthy a core part of your lifestyle that does not require you to have motivation to get results because in 99% of cases, motivation will eventually dissipate.

Yo-Yo dieting/exercising

Jumping from one diet to the next again is a big no no.  The same can be said for jumping from one workout regime to the next.  Firstly, with the dieting, these kinds of eating patterns send your metabolism into a frenzy that usually leads to weight gain or loss of muscle tissue.   With the exercise, I have found that when people are not getting results they tend to blame the type of exercise they are doing.  Whether this is denial of the real issues or not (usually poor nutritional habits or mind-set), who knows, but in 95% of cases exercise is never the real issue.  Sticking to an exercise regime long enough to allow it to work in conjunction to eating healthy is vital to success.

Purchase ridiculous fat loss remedies

In recent years the health market has been flooded with various remedies promising you incredible results in super super fast time.  As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is and the majority of these products are no exception.  The suppliers of these products like to prey on peoples vulnerabilities by promising them these amazing results.  Usually to make it more appealing they make the product appear very exotic – a very rare plant root from the Philippine’s etc.…


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