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Hey guys,

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for quite some time now and I think the start of the week is an appropriate time to do so.

So why am I writing this??

As we approach the halfway point of 2017, the hype that surrounds the start of a new year and a new you can sometimes tend to become a distant whisper.
So what are the reasons we lose this initial motivation and find it so difficult to stick with our fitness plan?

“Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going”

What I have found over the past several year of working with clients is that we all need some reason to begin a workout program or to eat healthy.

These reasons can vary widely depending on the person;

  • I want to fit into my jeans I bought 2 years ago
  • My doctor gave me a wake-up call
  • I am recovering from a serious illness and finally realize it is time to get my life in order
  • I want to be able to feel good about myself
  • I have a big event coming up that I want to get in shape for
  • Holidays are only around the corner and I NEED to be in shape
  • I want to be able to play with my kids without feeling so out of breadth all the time

No matter what the initial reason is, they all begin with an initial motivation.
We all need motivation to do things in our lives, and this is fine but, what I have learned is that motivation eventually fades for the majority of us.
The problem, in my opinion with using motivation solely as a tool to achieve your goals is that it is too short-term and as most of you who are reading this know, PROPER health & fitness goals are usually slow to achieve, never go in a straight line to success and never usually as we want them to go…

So what is the solution?

The solution in my opinion is that we have to make a mind-set shift and incorporate patience and persistence and focus on the long-term.  What I mean by long-term is to make regular exercise and eating healthy a part of your life, just like going to work is, or waking up in the morning is – and do not settle for anything less.
Once you make this mind-set shift you will notice that things will start falling into place very quickly, and, more importantly, very easily.

  • Working out will no longer be a chore, rather something you love to do as it makes you feel good
  • Prepping and planning your week food wise becomes easy and second nature
  • All the old excuses you used to have disappear

I have seen many clients go through up and down periods with their fitness goals, but overall they persevered, because this way of living is part of their life now.  These are the people who inevitably ALWAYS reach their fitness goals.

      So let me leave you with this thought;

Your desire or willingness to achieve your health & Fitness goals is directly related to the excuses or lack of excuses you make which in turn is directly related to the quality of habits you have…

To your health & Fitness



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