WARNING: Do not read this unless you are frustrated as hell with diet plans and fancy workout routines.

Over the past few months things have changed so much for us all, many of our lives have been completely disrupted.
One positive to take from all this is the increase in people being more health conscious and beginning to be more aware of what they are eating and getting out in the fresh air and exercising.

However, being online over the past few weeks I have noticed many people are still struggling… they have either lost their gym routine and/or the boredom of being at home has pushed up their cravings for junk food and worse, alcohol.
In response to this they are jumping online to seek help and advice, and of course the fitness industry has jumped on board, in most cases to take advantage…

Never before has the word ‘Diet’ or the term ‘Weight loss’ been Googled SO many times as people scramble to find a solution.

One thing I have always been interested in is the stock market…it has always fascinated me. Why?? It always seemed so complicated and complex and so far away from the norm.

With the extra downtime I have had the opportunity to look into it more and try to understand its principles.
Here’s what I have noticed…

It is not unlike the Fitness Industry, or any industry for that matter.

It is full of ‘so called experts’ who try to make simple formulas and principles sound more complicated than they actually are just to boost their ego.

On the other side there are people desperate to become newbie investors or to put their hard earned money into investments hoping that it will make them a fortune overnight or will be a security for them when they retire.
Sadly, this is very rarely the case and so the cycle goes on.

What have I learned…. SIMPLE is best.

In the words of one professional investor:

“Stop trying to over complicate something that is actually pretty straight forward if you follow the plan and don’t let your emotions get in the way”

The same is SO true for the fitness industry….and I would stretch to say even more so.


Because we have control over our bodies and our minds and what we choose to do with them both.

The same is not the case for trading or business or what is happening in the world.

Yes, we can certainly improve our chances, but there will always be external factors outside of our control.

So, when it comes to your health and fitness, PLEASE don’t be fooled with over-complicated solutions…the PX2000 workout (or whatever it is called), or the latest juice diet endorsed by Dr. X.

So, with that said, let’s simplify it here;

Calories in vs calories out is KING (There’s no getting around this one).

Like I mentioned in a previous post, you can try the latest FAD diet or traditional approach like Slimming World and be FOOLED into believing ‘THEY WORK’ because you got RESULTS!!

Let me tell you what happened…by the luck of the gods you managed to be in a calorie deficit for a few days, and when it stopped working, you weren’t in a calorie deficit anymore.

No magic formula here, but given this fact, I think I would rather know my calorie intake to KEEP losing body fat, don’t you?

Incorporate Resistance Training and High Intensity Interval training into your weekly schedule (preferably 3 to 4 sessions)

Keep your workouts short, BUT push yourself (no excuses here)

Get adequate QUALITY sleep

Let’s simplify it even more;

Eat less & move more!!


If you feel you are FINALLY ready to make the right changes in your health and fitness, please get in touch to book your free consultation.

To your health and fitness,