Not achieving your fitness goals?

You don’t want it badly enough.
Sorry… but that’s the cold hard truth.
Too many people are happy to sit for hours on end watching the latest series on Netflix rather than get down and dirty and doing those uncomfortable actions that actually move the needle.
This may not be what you want to hear but, guess what , it is incredibly liberating once you accept it because ultimately it leaves you with two options…
Option 1: Accept where you’re at and be OK with being OK.
Option 2: Become so obsessed with your vision that it becomes the number one priority in your life.
The choice is up to you and there is no moral obligation to pick one over the other.
Being a professional sportsperson doesn’t make you a better person than the fan who supports you day in and day out.
It’s just a choice.
But if you have the audacity to win at the highest level and are currently falling short then you need to do more.
Never has there been a greater opportunity in time to learn new skills and develop healthier habits…for many of us, our lives have slowed down over the past few months so use this opportunity to finally hit those fitness goals…
‘Being too Busy’ is not an excuse.
I heard a great quote the other day from a guy I follow on social media, Ed Mylett.
Many of you may not have heard of him. If not, I’d recommend jumping on YouTube and subscribing to his channel.
“You are perfect in every way for where you are right now”
What a great statement and so true….
What does he mean by this??
You are where you are right now because of the choices you’ve made in the past and are currently making RIGHT NOW…
This can be adopted to any area of your life, but for the purpose of this message we are talking about your health and fitness.
To grow and make changes to the things you are not happy with in your life you have to become someone new…this is how you climb the ladder of success.
So when you see someone who has their health and fitness in check (maybe someone you aspire to be like), ask yourself this question….
What choices do they make on a daily basis, not just physically, but mentally that have enabled them to be where they are right now??
In many cases there is someone who has already laid the bricks of success…copy them…follow their path and you will be successful.
FINALLY be accountable to yourself and to others.
The more your friends and family see your progress the more pressure you are going to feel to hold this position and keep moving forward.
Use this pressure, it’s not a bad thing, it is growth and sometimes growth can feel uncomfortable.
If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

If you feel you are FINALLY ready to make the right changes in your health and fitness, please get in touch to book your free consultation.


To your health and fitness,