We have a huge opportunity for 10 women or men who are looking to get expert help and guidance in order to transform their lives!

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Our Fitness Centre is for like-minded people who don’t want to workout in a traditional gym.This program is for the average go-er, steady guidance to help them finally get the health and fitness results they deserve.

Have you ever felt a little out of place in a gym?

Perhaps you’ve felt a little unsure of what is the best form of exercise to build lean muscle while burning serious fat at the same time? Maybe you’re unsure of what foods you should eat to get these results as quickly and effectively as possible?

Ciaran, owner of is a specialist Transformation Coach and has decided to unleash a program specifically for women and men who want to burn serious body fat and build lean tissue and FINALLY get in the best shape of their lives.

If you’re ready for a HUGE change, the guidance, help and support needed to get on track and are finally ready to get real help, then this could be for you…

This is a 16 Week RESULTS driven programme which consists of:

  • 4 x Sessions per week that are done in 4 week blocks, so after each 4 weeks things are changed up to help accelerate results. These sessions include strength training days and HIIT days for a complete body and fitness overhaul.
  • A step by step Nutrition Basics Programme – Often diets are made too complex, we’re going to give you JUST what you need to get started and on your journey, without starving you, giving you shakes OR having you go cold turkey
  • Weekly assessments with your coach
  • Guidance, Support and Accountability

You’ll become part of a like-minded team of people who are driven for common goals.The programme usually costs €640, but we have a SPECIAL OFFER for the first ten people who book get this for €599. Book here today!

Applications close soon so apply now!


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