Fitness Training Kilkenny

Our fitness training sessions in Kilkenny are all 45 minutes long, for both Personal Training and Semi-Personal Training. We design them to be enjoyable, effective, and an efficient use of your time.

Depending on your goals and availability, we advise our clients on the number of training sessions required each week to maximize their results. This can vary from 2, 3 or 4 sessions per week.

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Fitness Training Kilkenny for body and mind

Our training sessions consider both body and mind. We use the latest technologies and training protocols to ensure you get the most balanced strength and conditioning programme possible.

We develop all programmes to suit a client’s individual needs. Our programmes are all-over body workouts which increase:

  • Physical strength.
  • Stamina
  • Cardiovascular function.

We also focus on the psychology of fitness training. Our programmes vary from session to session, and they promote connections and friendships with others. This enables us to maximise your performance and enjoyment.

Fitness Training Kilkenny Body Mind

This also means that you are more inclined to continue to train with us, as training remains a mentally stimulating and emotionally rewarding activity.

This dual focus on body and mind is our signature approach to fitness training. It is a major reason for our ongoing success.

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Fitness Training Kilkenny coaches

At 360 Fitness, all our fitness training sessions are designed and run by qualified and experienced instructors.

Our coaches ensure that exercises are always conducted using proper form. They also use excellent judgement when assessing a client’s ability at any time. We place great emphasis on this expertise. Anybody can make a person sweat, but it takes years to develop the eye and mind of a true coach!

Our coaches also show sensitivity and discretion at all times. This is in line with our strong view that physical health and fitness should never come at the expense of psychological and emotional well-being.

We never use shaming or criticism when dealing with clients. Instead, we employ a caring attitude, focusing on individuality, ability, and progress. We have found that this positive approach yields far superior results all round.

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