Trying to Lose Weight? Don’t Make these 4 Common Fitness Mistakes (That Cause Weight Gain!)

When trying to loose weight we often try to accomplish so much at once and this invariably leads to us making some hidden ‘mistakes’. Many of them are diet-related, including eating too much in general (watch out for those ‘healthy’ 800-calorie smoothies!), eating too many carbs and not enough protein, and overdoing it on high-calorie “health” foods like nuts. And then there’s the fitness-related mistakes that actually lead to weight gain! If you’re looking to get leaner with exercise, avoid these fitness mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Working Out Hard Enough

If you are not putting 100 percent into your workout, you will not be able to reach those weight-loss goals. Sounds simple, but too often we hoodwink ourselves into thinking that once we’re doing some sort of exercise that we can overindulge in food. Wrong! Even to maintain a healthy weight, you cannot overindulge with your eating or you will just gain weight. Then there is the workout itself, are you working up a light sweat, barely able to breathe sweat or not sweating at all? All exercise is great, just make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Remember, it’s not about time and quantity, its about the quality!


Mistake #2: Only Doing Cardio

It is important to mix things up when it comes to your training.  By incorporating a variety of training techniques you’re developing a much better, holistic fitness level to help accomplish your goals. In my opinion the best cardiovascular exercise you can do is efficient weight training…you are potentially working your heart and lungs more to keep your body moving. However,it is definitely no harm to mix things up with some more traditional cardiovascular exercises including the treadmill, rowing machine, or simply getting out for a jog!


Mistake #3: Not Enough Variety

It is very easy to get stuck in the same routine day in and day out.   The majority of us tend to live in our comfort zones, and this certainly effects the exercises we chose, the intensity we work out at and the weight selection we opt for.   Now it is important to stick to a set routine long enough to create an adaptation in your body.

By not switching up your workout routines, you don’t target different energy systems, and you don’t increase their resistance, etc. Our bodies adapt pretty quickly. In order to achieve results you have to switch it up a little bit, otherwise your progress in muscle gain, weight loss, or whatever your goal is, will stop.

Mistake #4: Doing One Workout Then Sitting All Day

Your hour in the gym will only contribute so much to your daily energy expenditure; it’s what you do in the other 23 hours of your day that has a much bigger impact on your overall energy expenditure.  If your occupation is rather sedentary and non physical, maybe consider monitoring the number of steps you take daily and try to increase accordingly.


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