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Noelle Healy

This year I reached a turning point in my life, aged 33 and still complaining of my weight so I decided to do something about it! I overheard a conversation at work about 360 Fitness and I contacted Ciaran there and then, no going back! I had my first assessment with Ciaran on the 04.02.15 and with only 5 months to go until my wedding we set a goal. Something clicked in my brain and that was it! Ciaran has a great approach – he’s not scary but at the same time you don’t want to let him down as he believes in you.  It has taken commitment and dedication on my part but with Ciaran’s help I have almost reached my goal and I have no doubt that I will reach it and maybe even surpass it! Thanks to Ciaran I had to have my wedding dress taken in!

Ciaran makes each workout challenging and dynamic! I feel like I am always doing a circuit that I have never done before and it takes the tediousness out of the workout.

I have felt better than I have in years.  I don’t dread exercise like I used to. The workouts are great and not intimidating in any way.  Everyone is there for their own reasons.

I could not recommend Ciaran highly enough. He pushes you without breaking you. He is very patient and very approachable. I would say to anyone looking to make a change in their training or to take their first step in a fitness routine to contact Ciaran at 360 Fitness – you won’t be disappointed! I am so glad I overheard that conversation in the office that day!

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Caitriona Kavanagh

I met with Ciarán on a Tuesday, he did an assessment of my fitness levels and diet up to that point, and then he broke the news that I would have to report everything I ate and drank to him every day. This was something I had never done before. I was embarrassed to report the crap that I had eaten and my general lack of breakfast most days etc.

On assessment day we sat down and set a goal, and a target date. Mine was February 2015 and with Ciarán’s encouragement I reached that target in December 2014. We kept going though, and have set a new target to keep me motivated.

I am so incredibly happy, and I feel amazing. I lost 42lbs and have dropped 4 dress sizes in the 3-4 monthsthat I have trained with him and now eat a breakfast! I credit him for my amazing weight loss and increased fitness levels as he has seen me through the entire journey since I started with him in August 2014.

Ciarán is a brilliant, inspiring and wonderful fitness trainer, he looks after his client’s very well and he makes sure that we all do classes at our own pace with no pressure which is brilliant. He pushed me to reach new heights.

Classes not only make working out fun and motivating, boredom never gets a chance to creep in as time flies and you are never given the chance to give up or slack off which is great if you have a competitive streak.Going to 360 Fitness was one of the best decisions I have made in a very, very long time!I couldn’t have done this without the classes and Ciarán. There is no magic formula, just hard work and finding the classes and instructors that challenge you all and a good clean diet. I am forever grateful to Ciarán and for all his help and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Personal Trainer Waterford, Kilkenny, CarlowCiara Neville

Since starting classes with Ciaran in 360 Fitness in September 2014, I have a completely changed and improved attitude towards health and fitness. Before I began classes I always thought of exercise as an annoying and boring task that I very rarely did but now I really enjoy exercise and eating a healthier and balanced diet. In a very short time I felt my fitness levels increase and with the help of Ciaran I managed to get my diet under control.

There is a great range of classes on offer with 360 Fitness which I find great as I never get bored doing the same class over and over again. In particular I find the resistance and mixed circuits classes amazing for working on my overall strength and fitness and I like the variety of exercises these classes offer.

Ciaran is a fantastic trainer. He is very patient and he pushes me more than I would ever push myself in a regular gym.

He gives me great advice during classes and also on my diet. I find the weekly assessments great as it helps to keep me motivated from one week to the next and it’s great to get an update on how I am doing.

I would highly recommend 360 Fitness!!


Marie Aldridge

I started 360-fitness in October 2014 with the hope of shedding a few pounds for my impending nuptials. I had tried a number of exercise classes over the years but never stuck at them, I always found I got bored of the same exercise day in day out with no major results, a pound here and there, nothing to encourage anyone to keep going. Then a friend of mine started to attend Ciaran’s classes and I noticed fantastic results, so I decided why not try another one, they never last more than 2-3 months. It’s 7 months on, wedding over and I can’t stop going, I really enjoy the workout. There is a great range of classes on offer, no class is ever the same, it’s like a luck dip and you don’t know what to expect, I find them great as I never get bored.

My goal was to lose 14lbs by the wedding, I not only lost the weight I lost inches and toned up, I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Since I started a number of friends have joined because of the results they can see from Ciaran’s classes.

Ciaran is a fantastic trainer. He encourages you to push yourself without the usual intimidation and standing over you. He is very approachable and tailors programmes to suit each individuals requirements. The service he offers are second to none, he is always on the end of the line if you need any assistance.

Thank you Ciaran!


Jenny Huston

My aim joining 360 Fitness last year was to get into shape after my fitness had lapsed. With Ciarán’s help I toned up and improved my strength and fitness but the benefits of joining 360 Fitness were far broader than I anticipated. I find that I now have more energy, I sleep better and even my balance and posture have improved.

I attend classes and a weekly assessment with Ciarán. The classes are varied and always challenging. Ciarán is an excellent trainer and motivates me to push myself outside my comfort zone. He understands my strengths and capabilities and modifies the weights and exercises to suit whatever level I am at, achieving the maximum benefit from each session. Ciarán was very supportive when I recently sustained a sports injury, and adapted the exercises to suit the various stages of my rehabilitation.

The weekly assessments are a great way to monitor progress. Ciarán has an indepth knowledge of all aspects of nutrition and has given me valuable guidance on the right foods to eat to compliment the exercise I am doing.

It is incredibly satisfying to feel your strength and fitness improve, and I can confirm that following Ciarán’s advice works! I am delighted with what I have achieved since joining and would highly recommend working with Ciarán and 360 Fitness.


Pat Corbett

I met Ciaran for the first time in September 2015. We had the previous weekend entertained two friends and we both noticed that the lady looked extremely toned. She told us about 360 Fitness. I am 52 years old and had not trained properly in nearly 5 years. I drive a minimum of 1,800 km per week. In addition to this, my job is sedentary.
I started training on the day after I met Ciaran & trained four times during the first week and I can honestly say that every muscle screamed in pain.
This pain lasted for nearly 2 weeks. I was training 3 times per week.
This regime went on until the beginning of November when Ciaran introduced a training regime of 4 mornings per week starting at 6am.

Ciaran pointed out that this was all about results. I weighed
approximately 18st 11lbs when I began in September 2015 and have lost nearly 1 stone. I am lifting weights that I lifted 15 years ago and my physical strength is back.

My cardio fitness is better than it has been in years and even though I cannot see myself running any marathons, I am comfortable
that I can play soccer or hurling with my son without the need for my wife applying CPR.

What does Ciaran offer in 360 Fitness?
The culture is one of camaraderie where you are greeted by a series of smiles at 5.55am each morning. I feel that Ciaran is always pushing us on to the next level and intuitively knows when you have enough.

There are exercises when you feel that you have nothing left and Ciaran will squeeze those last 2 or 3 reps out of you.
The routines are never repetitive and one never knows what is coming on any particular day.

You might be going through a circuit and then he introduces Burpees or mountain climbers and one is shattered.
Ciaran is passionate about getting you the results that you are going after. He will give you the tools to achieve your goal whether it is losing weight, maintaining tone,building muscle or just maintaining fitness but the responsibility is on us to watch the food plan.
My fitness regime is something that I look forward to every day, sharing time with people of a like mind who are committed to getting the most out of 45 minutes and starting the day off with a smile.

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John Baker

Five weeks ago I joined 360 fitness to increase fitness and lose weight. I choose 360 fitness because of the excellent price, the tailored program and the great community feel.
Over the last 5 weeks and I have made great progress. I’ve lost over a stone in body fat, become stronger, leaner and a lot fitter since I’ve started. The support from Ciaran is outstanding, whether it’s one on one or small group training, he still gives you constant attention when needed.

Everything is tailored to each individual. The training sessions are 45 minutes and are designed using a strength and conditioning program for maximum results.
I would highly recommended 360 fitness to anyone of all ages. To see my changes follow me on instagram “Bakerboy.jb”


Siobhra Reid

“I started training at 360 Fitness in June of this year as a veteran non-exerciser, hoping to improve my balance and strength which had been adversely impacted by illness.
The results I have achieved to date have far exceeded my expectations: it’s as if the clock has been rolled back decades! Unbelievably, I am now stronger and fitter than I have ever been and feel as youthful and vibrant as I did when a child.
I will forever be indebted to Ciarán for this new lease of life. His non-judgemental approach and calm, gentle manner helped me to overcome my initial inhibitions and encouraged me to believe in my own abilities.
Equally, his wealth of experience and expertise meant that exercises were, and continue to be, tailored to my growing strength. I would unreservedly recommend Ciarán and 360 Fitness – you couldn’t but flourish when shown such professionalism, attentiveness and care”

Karen Holland

“Joining 360 Fitness has been life changing for me.  I’ve achieved a level of health and fitness I never thought I could.  The varied programmes push you to reach goals and leaves you feeling stronger both in mind and body.  With small groups, one to one support and expert instruction you can’t but stay motivated.  No intimidation, just friendly support and results”

Angela Murphy

“I would highly recommend Ciaran in 360 Fitness for anyone who wants to lose weight, or get in shape and improve their health, but doesn’t know where to start.
Before I joined I was nearly allergic to exercise and very overweight.
I work different shift patterns and with the different group class times I can attend classes that suit.
Ciaran will help you develop an exercise and nutrition program that you can live with and fits in with your lifestyle and schedule. I have lost weight, toned up, I feel better, fitter than I’ve felt for a long time and I am wiser about the foods I eat.
Ciaran and Sean are professional so enthusiastic and supportive and genuinely care about your progress and general health. The sessions are great and tailored to suit all ages and abilities
I am seeing results so I am determined to keep going. If you are serious about your fitness, strength, body fat goals I cannot recommend Ciaran in 360 Fitness enough”