7 Things to Do Every Morning to Stay Healthy and Energised


We’ve all done it: snoozed so many times you’re beyond late when you do finally drag yourself out of bed, and then all that’s left to save you (time-wise) is a bottle of dry shampoo (for the ladies) and a sugary breakfast bar. Nothing good ever comes of this routine. So, in an effort to help you beat the busy morning rush, we compiled a list of tips taken from the advice of some of the top wellness pros in the industry. Better mornings are just around the corner, we promise.


  1. Start with a Smile

Before getting out of bed in the morning think of something or someone you’re grateful for. Being in a positive state has significant impact on motivation, productivity, and well-being. Get those happy brain chemicals moving!


  1. Boost Your Caffeine Fix

Add a spoonful of cold-pressed coconut oil and a spoonful of honey to your morning coffee. Both ingredients have been known to gently detox, speed up metabolism, and aid with digestion. Super delicious and energizing. Or ask for a ‘Bullet Proof Coffee from your local café.


  1. Breathe in Fresh Air

The cardiac coherence breathing technique is super simple and super effective. Just a five-second inhale, five-second exhale, for five minutes. It’s best to do this three times per day.


  1. Do a Digital Detox

When you wake up, do NOT pick up your phone to check messages. Leave this for later.


  1. Enjoy a Smoothie

“I drink herbal tea in the morning and make a smoothie in my Vitamix,” says lifestyle expert and Schwinn brand ambassador Jeanette Zinno. “My go-to recipe is 8 oz. of almond milk, flax seeds, pea protein powder, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, raspberries or blueberries, avocado, and chia seeds. I used to only have coffee for breakfast, but having a shake keeps me focused and more efficient in the morning.”

  1. Set Your Alarm for the Same Time

Try try to wake up at the same time every day if possible. This improves sleep quality, which boosts your energy and keeps your circadian rhythm in check.

  1. Podcasts on the Go

Get excited for your day with motivational audio podcasts on your phone on your way to work. One of the best speakers Tony Robbins. He can be more energizing than listening to pumped-up music as the words hit at what inspires success and drives productivity. Imagine what 10 minutes a day of motivational podcasts can do to your overall sense of purpose and vision. (Tim Ferriss, Tribe of Mentors, TED Talks are all also very inspiring).



Ciaran Clear is a Qualified Fitness Instructor, founder of 360 Fitness, a dynamic fitness business based in Kilkenny, offering Personal Training and Semi-Personal Training.



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